The Devil Teaches Magic

The Devil Teaches Magic

The devil teaches people magic. People have to pledge complete commitment to the devil before he will teach them magic, such as how to separate a husband and a wife, how to harm their lives, how to get between two people in any normal relationship, and how to curse. However, once you have let him take charge of your life, he can make you do anything. You want to remember that when you give yourself to the devil, you become evil. He is always listening to people’s conversations; he will come and give the person who becomes his agent all the information he stole information from other people, so he can make the person think he sees the future. Therefore, the people who think that because they are his agents, The Devil Teaches Magicthey can see the future with this help are fooling themselves and others.

What is a Curse

A curse can be a powerful form of magic done by people who are possessed by evil. You have to be working for the devil. The devil uses magicians or person who places the curse. Powerful spells can weaken a strong marriage, make someone ill, and cause much harm. However, for a curse to work, it has to be put in place by somebody who works hand in hand with evil. Thank God, I have never known anyone who has worked a curse.

There are two types of curses. One is emotional: these curses can make you perceive or believe that something bad is happening. For example, you might see things moving. You might see yourself running around in places and not know where you are. You might see animals chasing you. You see yourself falling off a high building. You can see yourself doing things you never do. You can wake up yelling, screaming, and crying. You might find yourself continuously disturbed emotionally, no matter what happens. You’re always scared of everybody. You start to use your friends and family. In addition, that’s when you find yourself crazy. That’s the emotional type of curse.

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