Ghosts are one of my favorite subjects. The subject of ghosts can be very confusing, and there is too much superstition and fantasy surrounding the subject of ghosts. I have been trying to catch one or to see one, but I have never succeeded. When someone tells us about seeing a ghost, we always think that this person is crazy or has a vivid imagination. Most of us do not believe in ghosts. Nevertheless, we listen to ghost stories, we read ghost stories, and we watch movies about ghosts, even though ghosts might not be real.

What is a ghost anyway? Only God knows the truth. Some people believe that ghosts are the spirits of dead human beings, but some people deny this. If ghosts are not the spirits of dead human beings, what are ghosts? I am only telling you what I have learned about ghosts. Ghosts were mentioned at one time in the story of King Solomon. Ghosts were also known as AL-JINN. This is an Arabic word. You might say that the al-jinn are supernatural, invisible creatures created from fire. At you can find more info. No one can seem them. This is why they are called ghosts, demon, or spirits. They are all very scary creatures. If we go back and read about the devil, we find that the devil is placed in the same category of being.

A Friend’s Story

This story took place in the USA. It happened in my neighborhood to one of my friends who lived near a cemetery, which happened to be about five blocks from my house. My friend said that she always saw little people running around and talking, very small persons sitting next to her or talking to her or walking. And her children saw them too. This friend is very reliable, very good. I can trust her. I was very sorry that she didn’t invite me to spend the night there before she sold her house. I don’t know what happened when she moved. But I know that she doesn’t lie, and if she said she saw and heard these little people, I know she did. She was just next door to

Supernatural Animals

The black cat was supposed to bring bad luck. The number-one public enemy in the old days, black cats or cats in general, terrified people, especially those who lived alone, in particular, old women. People thought that the cat was inhabited by a spirit and that it could turn into a witch or the devil. People also thought that other animals and birds could be inhabited by the spirits of witches. Spiders were considered witches, as were crows and owls. Pets, snakes, and poison snakes, in particular, were believed to worship the devil. All of this was associated with witches and regarded as part of evil, except for the ancient Egyptians, who had high respect for cats. They enforced the death penalty against anyone who killed a cat. The Egyptians also admired snakes, lions, and other animals. However, although believing in the magic power of animals in curse, they used animals, birds, garlic, and herbs against evil.

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