Secrets Of Happiness by Dr. Amen Daniel 3-9-2022

But happiness is so much more. I do it exercise with my patients called the one-page miracle, where people write what they want in their relationships work. Money, physical, emotional and spiritual health. It’s called the one-page miracle because when people do it, when they wipe their intentions, when they tell their brain what they want, not what they don’t want, they are much more likely. To manifest his specially if they begin to match their behavior day in and day out to their goals. For example. What do you want your relation? I know I want to kind, caring, loving, supportive passion. I always want. they don’t always feel like sometimes is it prescription for happens? Why do you? Do your behaviors fit your goals for your relationships, for your work, finances, and health as we come there? The end here is the summary. Why is? Neuroscience secrets of happiness. With each secret. I’ll also give you a life changing question to ask yourself every day to remember what you learn. These are the prescriptions for happiness that resulted in being 30% happier in just 30 days, along with a 30% increase in energy secret, number one optimize the physical functioning of your brain.


Brain health is the found. National secret of a happy life. Happiness question number one. Whenever you come to a decision point in your day, ask yourself. Is this good for my brain or bad for? It only takes about 3 seconds and if you can answer this question with information and love. Love of yourself and your family. You will start making better decisions. Secret number two. You know your brain type and what makes you uniquely help. Some people like jumping out of airplanes while others of us would never do so unless the plane was on fire. Question number 2. Am I focused on what makes me happy each day? Secret #3 supplement or unique brand? Question three am I supplement in my unique brain every day. No, there’s supplements that help your specific gram type. In secret and before she was words that lovely back question for be so simple but so profound. Do I choose foods today by wild that love me back? You are in a relationship with food. Is it helping? Or hurting. Secret #5 mastermind and gain psychological distance from the noise in your head. Question #5 is is true whenever you have a negative thought challenging talk back to it and don’t allow the random noise in your head. Just steal your happiness. Verisign secret number sense use your brain to improve your relationships by noticing what you like about others more than what you don’t. Questions asked. Am I reinforcing the behaviors by white? Or the ones I don’t get others today by what I notice. You are power. In your relationships, are you using your power for good? Or not. And secret number seven. Activate your frontal loads to live each step based on clearly defined values, purpose and goals. You have to tell your brain then not. And then act according. Question #7 is does it? Does my face need your goals? I have for my life? If you can answer this question with information and love, your life will be so much happier. You can use none of this is hard, it just takes the program. Or being unhappy or losing your name in battle. new and hard on everyone around remember new tools to use when the world threatens to crush my spirit. You taught me how to keep happiness in playing, son. Are you ready to take charge of your happiness? Remember, happiness is not frivolous or selfish. It’s a moral obligation. It’s a moral obligation, as in how we affect other people. You do not have to be a victim of the outside world that’s filled with pressure and anxiety. You can take control with these tools. You can be happy at anything. Starting today, the best way to help ourselves is to help others. Teaching you today how to be happy makes me happier. Now it’s working. Pass it on. Take what you learn and share it with people you care about. And

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