Twilight zone Bart is age 25 young woman waiting for a bus at a rainy November night very imaginative type business bones not given to undo anxiety or fears or for that matter even the most temporal flights like most young career women she has a generic classification as a quote girl with a head on her shoulders and if quote all of which is mentioned now because in just a moment the head and miss Barnes shortage will be put to a test circumstances do I have somebody to personality and a black Barnes when one minute but wonder if she’s going mad well it’s just like mine it’s identical even to the broken handle what is this some kind of game that is your bag why do you check it no that isn’t my bag it looks just like my bag in your sleep go back over there and sit down and breathe through your nose magazine my bad when I saw are you alright alright I’m perfectly hi I look all right you look fine you look just fine it’s just when you were in here before before what do you mean before I’ve never been here before honey you were just in here a few minutes ago I’ve never been in here before what’s the matter with this price anyway somebody keeps taking my bag somebody tells me I keep asking about the bus so now you tell me I’ve been in here before I just take it easy miss everything’s going to be alright going to be alright nothing wrong to begin with wrong with you sleep or something thank you well excuse me please I wonder if you saw someone sitting in my seat I was looking at it close how to trouble trouble but I saw somebody I knew Goodyear thank you sorry to disturb you really matter with me WhatsApp delusion that must be sick I must be running a fever I’m not even more I don’t know any fever no fever at all yes you are you’re back seems so but we’re half an hour I was supposed to be in Syracuse tonight by 10 points were all grounded so I took th eir caps  


Scare off all right yeah, they’re going to take her to the hospital for observation what was she talking about thinking about another life I don’t know it’s part of a realness I guess he said the next bus is it set up got about four half hours now index news on that bench be all alone no noise whatsoever this place like a tomb between now and modern maybe I will get some sleep 


call it arabel planes or just insanity whatever it is you find it in the twilight zone 

Twilight zone 

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man it is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as Infinity it is the middle ground between light and shadow between science and superstition and it lies between fears and a summit of his knowledge this is the dimension of imagination it is an area which we call the twilight zone 


you’re looking at one scene one of the nightmare the one that restricted to which you go dark rain swept nights professor Walter James popular beyond words ducks of the past as if it were the present who conjures up the dead as if they were alive the union soldiers burned Atlanta but I assure you they took no pleasure in their work they were forced to it by a man they hate it more than they could ever hate the rebels and ugly sullen unbelievably brutal man named William Tecumseh Sherman to give you a more comprehensive idea of this great hero let me read you a few extracts from the diary of major skeleton the latest Tuesday September 11th 1864 the city was ours there was no need to destroy God save that which could be of use in the fight against us but Sherman was drunk with victory he himself started the awful fires the fires that destroyed that great citadel of grace and beauty in the view of this man professor Samuel Kittredge Walter Jamison has access to knowledge that couldn’t come out of a file you move history right but rather from a book on black magic which is to say that this nightmare begins at noon I suspected a long time fantastic it is how you wouldn’t believe me I don’t believe anything now alright let’s say that I’m old enough to have known this gentleman personally creator but that was over 2000 years ago I know you wouldn’t believe me no it isn’t that it 2000 years how did Hitler’s name still never secrets I can’t tell you the secret site because I don’t know it myself I was like you said afraid of death and we know start of all this things they were to know in the miserable few years that a man had to know that it seems senseless at night every night I dreamed as you Dream Baby mortality only for men live forever I thought could there be any point living at all I don’t decrease philosophers then one day told him these things he said that he could grant my wish only of course it would cost a great deal of money I was desperate I pay him his money and submitted to his experiments I remember very little about it hi Lana, for many weeks and when I revived I was alone The Alchemist had disappeared go on there’s really very little more to tell I thought of course that the experiment had failed because I didn’t feel any differently but then I saw my wife and my children aged my friend’s dying this was something that I hadn’t considered yourself but surely there there’s some answers to that problem is there think about it I tell you that somehow I can stop you from ageing where do you want to stop at 30 and you watch everyone around to grow old at 70 do you want to live forever the way you are now old sick it’s better than dying no Iran Sam I was wrong it’s def it gives this world it’s point we love our rose because we know it’ll soon be gone whoever left this stone I’m not a rose I’m not a stone I’m a man very old I’m the same way power down I’m tired of living in my desk I have a revolver Sam and every night I take it out and pray for the courage to pull the trigger I can’t I mean you say that you’re survivor 2000 years without an accident without being won did some people are lucky that way they go through life without ever breaking a bone or seeing the inside of a hospital close today but never that’s all it must be lonely you’ve been married several times yes how long would each woman or 10 years 15 years I see Sam I tried to resign six months ago you talked me out of it do you remember that yes Suzanne was falling in love with me and I know what would happen it’s happened before a few years of happiness and then I tried the Warner I did everything in my power to discourage her except tell her the truth how could I do that you thought I was mad then why didn’t you leave because by then it was too late I was in love with her I need her everything is against it on my reason but that doesn’t matter now it doesn’t matter it does to me water I can’t let you marry my daughter and why not well come on your father seems to think I’m too old for you darling that’s the silliest thing I ever heard of and you’ll marry me tonight I think you mean it I do upstairs the match but she won’t believe you nobody wants you won’t believe it yourself by tomorrow morning So hold on how are you don’t you recognize me Tommy look up look into my eyes you called him the most beautiful you’d ever seen once a long time ago I’m afraid you’re making a mistake my name is Jameson professor Walter Jameson don’t pretend I know who you are and who am I your Tumblr my husband your husband my dear woman perhaps if you will tell me what you’re looking for stop it I saw the picture in the newspaper announcing your engagement I have to come to see if it’s proven it is I can’t explain it I only know it happened I’ve grown old and you haven’t no you don’t matter someone else and leave her the way you left me alright correct I can’t let you marry her tummy correct Tommy team What is it what happening Sam I don’t know how are you alright I don’t know it doesn’t matter either way yeah you’ll be rid of me what do you mean I mean I’ve come to my senses her last tell Susan that stay away you’re hurt doctor no go ahead God bless forever Foster, I go home Walter this is gone where no close yeah what is that on the floor dust only dust let’s stop at a long journey as yet another human being returns to the vast nothingness that is the beginning and into the dust it is always the end really.