THE Devil is work continues

it could happen because falling straight back get on the side or directly in the crown Norman’s parents began their own investigation they dug into dirt area where their son had fallen to see if they can find the bullet that had taken his life now remember so well with having to sift through they dried particles brain tissue and blood at mine tell my son but we found a bullet it was longer than bulleted normal with hope the chamber was not four out for the length of it and it had dried blood in a hair that weekend under the magnifying clients we don’t have any reason to believe that it was bullet it was fired that caused the boys last we feel more word standing God was fired and give that being the case he would not have been any ground underneath him we came to the conclusion that he was lying on the ground and he was shocked by someone name is standing physician ladders gave the bullet to a state Ballistics expert but he couldn’t tell if it had come from norms rifle and when they were given the bullet back they claim that it was not the same bullet that they had found a few weeks later Norman’s parents went to the coroner’s office to question his room and his mother said a stranger interrupted their conversation in the room he said Mrs. lanner don’t open this case as you head down the children I suggest you raised them for your own good you’ll never find the person to kill your son and I will be alone unfazed Norman’s father returned to the area where his son died hey come here 300 yards away he found a strange radio like device that looked homemade state authorities said it was not an important clue but her neighbor suggested that he show it to a next narcotics agent who lived in the area the former agent said this was a tablet device they drove by sending out on a low range state but proper online went to drop shipment trips Norman believes that his son came upon truck he was in the woods and that they killed him because they didn’t want any eyewitnesses authorities continue to stand by their corners rulings but Norma’s parents say it was nothing less than cold blooded murder stop this investigation no matter what up till it is finished we are going to our son there’s a great deal of strain the way that he was murdered and nothing is being done to bring his murderers to justice if you have any information about the death of Norman Wegner please log on to our website at in the criminal justice system the people are represented by two separate and equally important groups the police who investigate crime and the district attorneys who prosecute the offenders Papa breakfast at tomato gives me that acid reflux white male late teens early 20s stab wounds to the chest pretty deep you’re hiding in body temp I guess would be two to five destroyed very lucky the murder one yes you still looking what caps do I need check out this blood trail and we also found traces of blood on the sidewalk out front so the guy gets jumped out there and drag back here against the peace who found the body pizza guys open up for the day so maybe came back last