Ghost story

  The ghost of a dead man  

      Post for most of us Halloween comes only once ghost Halloween cafes near me this spirits of the wild  Saint James attractive dancing girls and comfortable beds for such Wild West as Jesse James that Masterson Annie Oakley doc holiday what is the glory the hotel started to fall apart it’s Berger and his wife Pat bought the Saint James and started to bring it back to life soon discovered that the hotel I want to see how many weeks are in the old hotel and so I got my friend to come with me and to go through the hotel with her flashlight we finished doing all them checking and put out some buckets here in their cause we did have some leaks and then returned the chandelier off and then went downstairs I turned back up and looked back up to the second story and the chandelier was on after two more times Pat try to reason with the spirit here really don’t want to play. please play another day point I pulled the cord on the chandelier and heard a quick turn around and went back downstairs and I looked up and indeed the logic state off according to the six burgers the hotel is haunted top to bottom guest in room 17 have reported hearing a constant in re tapping noise whenever the window is open Charlie Varela local high school student discovered that he was not alone while cleaning the bar early one for the trash after this class over to the bar the little boy sitting on the bar spinning the glass first I was going to tell him excuse me tell him he turned around his face is hideous to scare me I quit that morning escape working doctor surgeon an amateur ghost Hunter see James cold in the upper left hand corner there was a horrible thing that was going on the conic it was like a white girl there was this anger and hatred and instantly I was filled with terror I was gasping for breath because I had not expected it did not encountered I’ve never been that terrified in my life and as this was happening to me I heard Pat saying you can go no I could believe what was happening to me it didn’t want me there atmosphere obvious contacted Jackie a psychic from Albuquerque physical violence or gunshot step back Cortana I could see and feeling smell and the evidence of violence was so intense Jackie claims that she had a vision very large according to Jackie this was the man desperate men Jackie says that the dead man’s name was TJ right and that he probably won the hook corroborate the story so I can look at the hotel registered three different days is she owns a hotel still and must maintain position keeps the registry he is positive that Jackie never saw there is of course no way to prove is not haunted 18 construction activity in that room that’s going to be done that’s his room as far as I’m concerned as opponent or is it for as long as I have is it possible that the Saint James hotel is haunted by the spirits of the Old West the firsthand accounts you have just heard are definitely difficult to believe better explanation for what goes on in the old hotel the owners of the Saint James circle becoming a Hollywood movie star under.