Good Thang


Copycat Good morning            Aa

thank “God” I chase my dream of becoming Strong in my darkest days I do believe. “God” is great is not in my imagination or my thoughts.  In 2019 and 2020 God bless me Hello I had tragedy I should say First thank “God” member three generation member of my family sickness and death alarm so many other things happened to me. I should say I was blessed. The way I handle was not easy because I was far away from my family. sickness or death is not easy. My first cousin Adel never been sick in his life he passed away 10-6-2019.He was 60 years old.

My sister Sadia Elawa she was sick for about three or four months then she passed away 2-11-2020.she was 73 years old.

When my brother Hasan he passed away he had COVID19

10 days after his 65 birthdays on 6-11-2020.

My cousin who younger brother passed away on 6- 27- 2020 about 18 days after my brother, he had COVID19 he was 72 years old.  Interesting my cousin and my brother both passed away by COVID 19, thank you “God” they are the only 2 who had COVID 19 and nobody caught even though the families member were going in and out and living with them in the same houses and yet thank you “God” million time we missed him but imagine we have young kids and old family members so what happened “God” has mercy on us and thank you “God “million times.

My nephew Belal Elawa passed way after fight for his life on 11-29-20. He was 20 years old. I was overwhelmed I could not handle or deal with it was too much I love every one of them and they were close to me an audition we went through so much beside death an illness. Anyway.

How to grieve

I went to see how other people grieve or teach me how to grieve or what they do. The only thing was front of me was I am very in love with detective stories and murder mysteries and stuff but that was entirely different situation there is death in my family how can I handle that? I had to see how other people handle sadness and death grieving ‘because I want to grieve and that was not easy therefor, I want to back to see detective stories the one I was just watching the police work that I love and attention for everybody. Then when I saw the victims and their family’s situation from my point of view.  I but it myself through all these people who lost their kids or someone oh dear was entirely different story. I cannot believe what I was missing here I care about every human being on earth and I was watching something because I love and now, I am watching someone I need it was shocking the feeling I had how do these people how they handle their grief then. I was angry beyond belief.

A straight A student

all parents everywhere they have hoped for their kids a straight A student with lots of friends and happy part time job for their kids. but sometimes in their world turned upside down when their child seemed to vanish without a trace. Some ran away to social media. and same disappear. Or commit the ultimate crime. There is only something maybe wicked in the gentle time were smart talented lovely kids everything apparent wont. who could have guessed just by looking at some of them read a dark secret? For example, about a friend emergency they scared to death these teams play a strange and haunting game would guys rather to go home. this is a game of the trail of your life that would go beyond typical teenage dram you know why. When you are precocious toddler growing up your owned parents hoped to be very intelligent.  Every day it seemed like some of you hung out all the time and like all teenage girls or boys they share with each other just having fun. of course, then they occasionally got into trouble but even that it is for typical teenager’s things. When I saw how kids come from permanent hard working family commit crimes or other unnecessary crazy things some of them of course exist in pretty bad situation. A Rest grow up in very bad situation we can love them with care and treat them good. when they do something, you do not like reported him or her to the authority or to someone responsible but do not support burnish them just do help them. now I am going to bring you some of the growing up and kids what happening and how would they become please read the rest of my story before you decide to some before sand someone behind bar or punish them badly same as I said you all had witness and I might not even mention therefore and do what you can. however, share my view size my writing but believe me the best I could do. I might not be able to afford editor or anyone else, but you would like it my stories you all experience most of it welcome through my book.   And I was grieving for the criminal too, it was different reaction and what I said to them or about them you are loser more than victims and their families.   because you have a choice, and you made the wrong decision you and the criminals round the world. You all made or making headlines around the world hello and welcome you are agents from hill he gave access and information through a devil is whom you are connected to him. what about there so, I covered my heart one signal understanding today at happening and then I heard the click another and clicks and love is mutual nothing happened not once we are rolling protect ourselves and other so, too clear that point in time. Is Not a technique that we hopefully trying make it together for peace and love especially today?  Yes, you can stablish your dream yes this is your life. What you got to lose in my case my old age I love my family.

Thoughtless people.

allegations to the head of the agency and the result were surveillance on your outrage now you did the unthinkable.

You become Evil is agents several of you in disguise claiming they had become corrupted by been used and abused by their family member or somebody else. it may be true it may be not true. Even many people claimed. the ordered to working with intelligence now has been asking how or who the conspiracy behind it dangerous questions. where he or she knows better than anyone and play Russian roulette. believe the killer may have come from the very top picked up by devil with the wrong person from his past.  he was trying to prove it was corruption in at the time after listening to play and became attacked by his name. and others said,” that is a very dangerous thing to do because, you are personalizing your game. yes, but others believe the ultimate motive may not be personal at all, rather it was all about money we learned that. To help the  prosecutor’s takedown, a major organized crime ring one that publicly claimed at financial ties to never responded to that allegation and expert think anything that is doing that came close to be source of personal wealth would have been by far the most dangerous things that the devil could do in addition is possible motive there was also the means  was used to kill little doubt as to who authorized the murders so, does that mean someone else with access to engage in knowledge of the devil of today we begin to open hearings into the death of that example not nor I wish to know coming out here to drub bomb shield it is the plan to use it themselves so, it will stop some of you is simple police matters is global national security Clarence from the puzzle require your presence is no longer  only rage fire scheme extravagant so, many yes over worldwide they are inducted into the highway to hell to rest when you die or become mentality ill you will be in extreme excess causing friction within the bag and eventually jeopardizes your own freedom. to concerned parents in general love their kids and want them to be a straight A student.

If the kids have been caught for being out after the town curfew and now here was a saying they done it again as hell where did made sense. What you have blocked. There to boost herself or himself up so they could get back in without being seen. But if their family discovery it will be a terrifying possibility their first instinct is someone abducted you or your life end it. apparently shook out cannot they get over it. when they cannot find you, what is their world must fall apart, their child disappeared into the night but now, she or he gone for nearly 24 hours where are you, the investigation well begins a concern for your safety think about them before you take any foolish action. your parents concern about you please be concerned about them too. do not make them worry that is the worst thing you can do for your parents. always let them know what is going on in your life the good the bad the ugly, were you are and if you are sick. million thanks to the good obedient kids hardly ever exist. “God” give the parents patient and have mercy on them from the bottom of my heart, your kids are kids and every kid on the planet, Rida Elawa.


I am not Real appraiser.

I am just giving you an example for what I read and what I know I am not execrate.  surprised that your no longer there a little worried they think   one of other friends to figure out more cause to worry, I will call them about after giving you time see if she is or he there why did not get a chance to call. they call this person wanting to know if she or he was coming to work moment for you a few minutes later there will be another big surprise call from she said that she had to tell me the truth and I said will what truth she said Well we did we snuck out last night I had done that before gone on a late night without tiling read this.