thank “God” I chase my dream of becoming Strong in my darkest days I do believe. “God” is great is not in my imagination or my thoughts.  In 2019 and 2020 God bless me Hello I had tragedy I should say First thank “God” member three generation member of my family sickness and death alarm so many other things happened to me. I should say I was blessed. The way I handle was not easy because I was far away from my family. sickness or death is not easy. My first cousin Adel never been sick in his life he passed away 10-6-2019.He was 60 years old.

My sister Sadia Elawa she was sick for about three or four months then she passed away 2-11-2020.she was 73 years old.

When my brother Hasan he passed away he had COVID19

10 days after his 65 birthdays on 6-11-2020.

My cousin who younger brother passed away on 6- 27- 2020 about 18 days after my brother, he had COVID19 he was 72 years old.  Interesting my cousin and my brother both passed away by COVID 19, thank you “God” they are the only 2 who had COVID 19 and nobody caught even though the families member were going in and out and living with them in the same houses and yet thank you “God” million time we missed him but imagine we have young kids and old family members so what happened “God” has mercy on us and thank you “God “million times.

My nephew Belal Elawa passed way after fight for his life on 11-29-20. He was 20 years old. I was overwhelmed I could not handle or deal with it was too much I love every one of them and they were close to me an audition we went through so much beside death an illness. Anyway.

How to grieve

I went to see how other people grieve or teach me how to grieve or what they do. The only thing was front of me was I am very in love