The Dead

The Dead Don’t Speak

No human being or any other living being knows when its life is going to end. We might die anywhere, at any minute. Nevertheless, we are planning to live for as long as we can. The beauty of having this is unknown is that if we knew when and where we were going to die; we might get depressed and stop living our lives fully. All that we know is that the angel of the death can reach us at any time. Nevertheless, God has mercy on our souls. The devil deceived us so that we would love life, and he made it very hard for us to think about death, especially for happy, healthy people. Most of us do not think a lot about death. Typically, we only expect the death of older people or those who are very ill. I remind myself all the time, especially when my life is good, that I might die at any minute. I try to do very good deeds to please the Creator of the earth, God Almighty; I also try to enjoy my life without sinning. I show consideration for others, as well as for myself.

What is Death?

I grew up watching my grandmother and all of the other older people in my family preparing for their deaths. In anticipation of that event, each of them would acquire a shroud and whatever other accessories go with it according to Islamic law. (These are discussed in the next section.) Other ways in which they would prepare for death included praying more and doing more good deeds and acts of charity.

I thought the old would die first, but as I grew older, I watched older people grieve for the youngest ones who died. I saw older people giving all out of proportion to what I thought they could afford to give. They would give material things and money that they were supposed to use for themselves and use it for the youngest. I didn’t think that this was fair at the time, especially when the youngest were not sick and were not ready to die. For that reason, I was sad. It turned out originally as it had already been decided by the creator of the earth, so I ask: What is death? As a child, I got many answers, like everybody else. I was told when someone died, “His day came.” People gave me many other explanations, but as it turns out, the only one who knows the truth is the creator. Life in this world is only a temporary.

The mystery of the unknown is what we’ve been told from the very beginning: live your life as if you were going to live for ever, and prepare for your death as if you were going to die at any time. Another thing should be considered the most important preparation. It is very simple: be sure to take care of it before the day comes; otherwise, it will be too late. We spend too much money, and we don’t have as much time as we think in this very short life. We live on earth. Why not increase our time and efforts devoted to prayer and good deeds? There are so many good things that we could be doing for ourselves and for others. We should try to become ready for the hereafter, which is forever our home.

The Dead Don’t Speak

Most of us have been witnesses to death. Perhaps we have seen the skulls or bones of the dead. We may even have seen new dead bodies that are being eaten by worms and insects right in front of our eyes. There is no secret about that, yet how soon we forget.

Secrets of the Dead

The secret of the dead is that the minute they die, they might hear, feel, or know what is going on. However, at that moment, they cannot do anything for themselves or for anybody else. Their thoughts will not be about their family, their parents, their children, their brothers, their sisters, anyone else, or anything else. In other words, it is true not only that the dead they can’t speak, but also that they leave the planet earth exactly the way they came to it: with nothing. Every human being is responsible for his or her own actions. Nobody is going to help anybody evade responsibility for his or her words or deeds.

The Cemetery

The cemetery you pass by is very peaceful on the surface, but inside is the grave. The dead hold their secrets, and it will be lonely in dark grave. The dead will face the two angels who are in charge to examine their soul for what they did, what they did not do, and for what they believe. Then it will be decided who is going to heaven and who is not. Until that is decided, the dead remain wherever they are from now until the Day of Judgment. The dead are emotionless and hopeless. Their former bodies were healthy or sick, young or old. Whatever the cause of death, all of the dead will be eaten by worm and insects, so how can psychics speak to the dead? How can the dead help you if they can’t even help themselves?

Near Cemetery

However some people were only few people who work or lives near the cemetery claim the herd and seen the dead however I did not comment either way because the did not claim the ever communicate with the dead the only heard and seen the dead here this country ,the majority who work for caretaker never claim and the told me exactly what I told you, is a very peaceful here that on the service, but know body knows how peaceful or violent down under only God, knows the truth? Also I did not argue with them because possibly they have seen the other existing, cemetery or mortuary could be safe haven for the other existing to be play trick and trade on the innocent mind make them believe the scene and heard the dead remember the dead don’t speak.


How are we going to get the message if everybody who dies goes to heaven: the good, the bad, and the ugly? Listen, and read why the creator sent us his holy books, the prophets and prophetic messengers. The creator sent them to us to show us how to live and how to be prepared for the hereafter. People who believe the creator know that God works in mysterious way. They should not go to psychics. The prophet says that God does not like to meet those who are afraid of meeting him—in other words, those people who do not accept death. The prophets and messengers of God never said for you to kill yourself or to kill others. In addition, I think all through this book, I have made it very clear that suicide is bad, and so is murder. Those acts are presumptuous; it is as if you are acting as God.

Psychic fraud

People always ask a psychic that dead tried to communicate with them the field that –

The dead touch them on their shoulder, or moving around defended the presentation of the dead, why not this is very natural when someone was in your life , or your house .or Anywhere for longtime someone you care about and love is only natural to feel their presentation does not mean that he or she try communicate with you , the psychic does not know anything that dead do not do  anything . I.told you many times please do not listen to psychic. The bunch of con artists the dead do not speak

People ask psychic; my father had died due you think came around me

Naturally psychic; answer years he came around midnight or he came is earned, bird, or butterflies. I don’t know what or how to think of all of that I have to say something the- entire psychics; have the Cleverest imagination I have ever seen or heard of —unfortunately the know nothing about the future or the dead or anything  more than the ordinary people .

     Life is too short


ently of the terminology of shorter life. Make every minute of your life-

Is of you going to die, any does not mean, to sheet steal, I keep thinking about it. I- always

Alternatively, I thought I am ready to go anytime actually happening on this bad night Thursday February ?08

About 6; 40 PM, I heard a very bad car accident on a corner of my house. I open my door to investigate what is going on a person screaming please. Help me I killed somebody where is every very she was in shocked She seemed to be A person is who never hart fly in her life. No thing and no one can, down for moment I was in shocked myself I have never seen someone killed  before . The man never moved. He was killed instantly. No one seemed. To witness the accident from that moment it changed my life. I field Sorry for her as well as for him. They, both victims. Of Freak accident the deceased in the split second he. Was going?? Driver is life will never be same. Although the police arrive in very quick follow it by the fire department paramedic. For god’s sake To be displayed. Peace of mind the team lead the man was a life for second household I heard that it if he died.  Hospitals. I did not do. Sleep we think the grieving over deceased. And the poor lady I was worried about her sick it can happen to any very pleased people are good to each other down.  Each other of going to take advantage of which other I would appreciate a life and what I can to help. In addition, I will not submit myself But the con artist or to croaks or always take advantage of me- short to waste away do not get anyone to steel I meant of your life.


A cemetary


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