Angels are unseen beings of a luminous and spiritual substance that act as intermediaries between God and the visible world. All the angels perform miracles: the Angel Gabriel, the chief of all angels; Israfeel for the Day of Judgment; and Izraa-eel, the Angel of Death, the one who takes our soul from out bodies. Guardian angels are responsible for guarding human beings.

They only know what God Angelhas taught them to perform good deeds, and they continue to celebrate God and praise God forever to worship and glorify God’s holy name and never disobey. God commanded them to prostrate themselves to Adam. They prostrate themselves to Adam, as God instructed them to protect human beings from harm. However, they have no power of their own. They cannot stop tragedy.

Enjoy good company, prayer, clean places, and good people. Enjoy watching people book your cleaning online and doing good for themselves and for others. We embarrass angels when we hurt others or do something very bad. Why not do good deeds? That is much easier for us. We are fortunate to keep the company of angels. Do I believe in the existence of angels? Yes, I do, but I am not sure that they can stop tragedy. Only the creator of the earth can stop tragedy.

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