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Hello! Welcome to The History and Mystery of The Unknown!

I am Rida Elawa. I want to share with you, my journey. Come with me, as I describe my accounts and my experiences with Good and Evil…Spirits and Psychics. I’m an author, not a psychic but I can help you to better understand the hardships of your life without painting a false picture of the future, in my book “History of The Unknown.” Remember this: The dead don’t speak! I can also analyze your dreams!!

God nevr sold his land to anybody, So Way is every body claimed they own it.
God has never sold his land to anybody!And yet “everybody” claims they own it?
Remember, God still owns every space on the planet earth, therefore, you can’t take it with you!


Here are good strategies to help keep our earth together.

Now, is the perfect time to connect with the world.
Consider, the entire planet is YOUR home.
Every human being is YOUR Family.
Your birth parents are “Adam and Eve.”

Most places are beautiful to live. Then, there are other places that are unsuitable for living. Imagine, someone you love, who has no access to good nutrition, clean water, medicine, education and safe housing.
Hardly a day goes by without something bad happening to them.
What if the situation were reversed?

Did you know all it typically takes is a simple smile and a pleasant greeting to a stranger to make them feel happy? That’s an indication that you are taking the time to recognize them as a fellow human being!

If you have ghost stories or any true story you would like to share with, please contact us at the following email address:

It would be rather mind boggling and beyond our realm of logical thought to truly believe the plausibility of our human comprehension, that what we write in words, regardless of language, could somehow, be taken from us. More than anything, words have transported us into the past, into the future and always writing itself in the present. Though we are a world admittedly subservient to the inevitable onslaught of machines, we would be frozen without the use of the written word to convey thoughts and intentions. We write to document, to keep record of people, places and things.Thus, the significance of the finality of what the legions of generations of prolific writers and authors have recorded throughout time must be applauded and celebrated for their capacity to influence our inner curiosities. Rida Elawa is one of these writers! In this age of public drunkenness with social media and overconsumption with what’s trending, Ms. Elawa serves up hard gristle and bone. She examines the sober realities of life and death, and crime and punishment and those cloaked thoughts we might all have from time to time about existence beyond physical dying. Ms. Elawa delves, unabashedly, into the origins of good, evil, God, The Devil, Spirits and the Spiritual and the running debate over the validity of Psychics, in her book, “History of the Unknown.”
In her other work, the compelling “America’s Most Wanted”, Ms. Elawa pays homage to the doggedly determined detectives dedicated to solving the world’s major case serial killer crimes. Writing is among some of Ms. Elawa’s strongest passions. English is her second language and the fact that she wrote, not one, but three books, is a testament to her achievements. Her writing is so detailed, that at times, you’ll notice she gets a little caught up in repetition. Ms. Elawa explains this flaw by saying she wants readers to understand the critical points she’s making. Her work is what it’s meant to be: raw, real and potent enough to shake the collective consciousness. She concerns us and taps into our questions about the frailties of life and the finalities of death, along with those lingering queries’ of what lies …beneath!


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