Happy holiday to everybody

A Pray of Hope Peace on earth
I hope you never lose sense of wonder you get your fill but always keep that hunger
You might never take one single breath for granted God forbid LOVE ever leave empty handed
I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean whenever door close I hope another door is opens promise me that you’ll give faith a fighting chance and when you get the Choice to sit at out or to Parry I hope you pray … I hope you pray I hope you don’t
I hope you never fear those mountains in distance never settle the path of least resistances living might mean taking chances but they’re worth taking loving might be a mistake it’s worth taking don’t let some hell- bent your heart leave you bitter when you come close to selling out reconsider give the heavens above more than just passing glance and when you get a chose I hope you pray… I hope you pray
Time is wheel in constant motion, a hassle-free experience, always rolling us along tell me who wants to look back on their years and wonder where those years have gone I hope you I hope you pray
We love you Dad and mom
They found beautiful frame has wonderful letter of advises.
I said how wonderful these loving parents’ giving their child advises.
Form their hearts to the child I could not resist however, I have changed few words from hope you dance to I hope you pray. I did not mean to—-I did not want to give young kids or teenagers or growing up life is dancing they already said that explained life is not all roses… prayer we definitely need Evil ….the devil love dance and music therefore, that is seeking refugees from the master of the universe “God” Most of people and me believe the angels watching protecting surrounding us during prayer that doesn’t mean? We can’t have fan music dance watching or movies going to movies or the sports activity also make sure you do something good for handicapped for sick people old people. You can’t fool go wrong prayer. The Angeles has wings some has two some has three .although they remain unseeing but must people believe their existing of the Angeles I do. However the devil is very visible when people upset he took over face to face. In my book history of the unknown I talked about everything I know and I still learning what I don’t know. If I’m made any mistakes fix at for me Forever, serving “GOD”

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