The Devil

Keeping the Devil, the King of Chaos, in the Shadow of Human Beings

Al-jinn is an Arabic word for other beings that existed before Adam. EvilThe devil, the preeminent evil spirit on the planet earth, is the leader of al-jinn. Ghosts are al-jinn. Fortune-tellers rely upon al-jinn for magic or for curses. Spirit guides are al-jinn. Some of the al-jinn are good and believe in God, but most of them are evil cannot be trusted. Most of them are well-traveled and can speak every language. They live in every house. You might call them the army of the devil. Be aware that most of them are evil, and do not be deceived.

The devil is a visible being that was created from smokeless fire and who lived in Paradise, as the angels did, for as long as he obeyed God. The devil obeyed God until God created Adam. However, God granted Adam precedence and ordered the devil to prostrate himself before Adam. Because of his arrogance, the devil rejected God’s command outright. The devil said to God, “How can I respect the creature you made from clay or dirt? You made me from smokeless fire. The devil did not apologize to God or ask for forgiveness from God for speaking in this way. For that, God kicked the devil out of Paradise and cursed him until Judgment Day.

Submissions to the devil
site Why is everybody surprise by what the governor of New York did I think if I know he also to blame the devil. For our stability I told you, many times when you reach the topped you challenge the devil. Once you get there he demand get you down so be careful all this scandals. That has been in for reasons especially for man believe me. When the all love and respect for my father and all men and my family and friends I still think the men who are very weak, the devil them down . I don’t mean all the man that is not most of them what you .hear about the one who get caught this so many of them been reject it did not get caught almost everyone by now to smart enough to know if that happened often than you think believe you me , among a lot of other things we don’t know about don’t you misunderstood me the nobody has father good as mine are love my father I love my brothers I have never witnessed been doing anything wrong . However, I still think of the –challenge between Adam and the devil, in self how much Hate between the arrogant be Evil and the populations. he even told god himself . I would destroy any one listened to me has albeit my command. God granted him permissions to test our power. If you think We out of his evil act think again has not done with us Yet . Women make mistakes two a lot of mistakes but not as great as Men But to remember in the devil he promised to destroy Adam this way he go after men believe me if remiss take in the one makes on the planet we all pay for god to bless you all take care .
Sincerely yours

God Bless America 3
the daviI still an information
is still in information from outside the earth orbit was habit custom and life hood for the jinn. Such information was to be passed over to individual people who have requested them to do so.
the concept of astrology palm and psychic could be among those discipline wet people developed throughout the history of mankind. A person who is to receive any information to submit himself totally to jinns before they be able in other words the Al jinns can help them.
I am as a Muslim woman I can only Do what “Allah said”
However, there is goodness from Allah to every human being on earth Muslim or not Muslim please don’t pay attention to devil try to know who is” Allah God Himself” and what he does? Why you listening to psychic or read pound or whatever you think you get your information please don’t you wait devil I don’t care what religion you have what problem you have no if “GOD” can’t help you For what you want nobody else going help you. For good reason sometimes what we want it could be Harm for us.
Because the devil is very happy to assist you.
Devil knows how to make people happy He knows how to give people false and information to trap them into fold. He commands his follower to follow his order, instruction and recommendations. There are many people loyal to al jinns or al shaitan

Anything you see mark rid meaning is in Arabic word it can’t translate that’s the devil his name we can’t change it has many names and many personalities and nation nationwide everywhere the devil is so be careful enjoy it and be careful the bed word the best thing they assist you to do it so be careful don’t listen to him or them  the devil’s families sincerely yours, Rida Elwa

Your relationship between Adam any evil and even his family
Adam and evil two different creature the former was Iblis pleased by God while later was cursed and test it out a paradise that will be shaitan or evil he was cast out of paradise for estimate mistake and then apologize to God Anne was forgiven abolish or evil was arrogant did not apologize to God and was being arrogant an argument he refused to humble and refused to apologize according accordingly he was lent uncursed was testing out from the mercy of God.
The early information about these two creatures is taken directly from Quran after Adam was created, after Adam was created
the Angel s and all the other creatures to prostrate to Adam. All obeyed Allah except the devil. Unfortunately, Adam and Eve ate from that Prohibited tree?



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