The surprise is now Mississippi on a warm summer day Norman Leonard left his parents country start to go hunting on his family farm Norman was a popular high school student who loved the outdoors she knew his family was property he called 122 acres of him like he knew the back of his hand so it didn’t make any sense that he would be late coming home always be back by 7:00 to 7:30 in the afternoon and evening and about 7:00 o’clock up against it worried about him because he was very punctual it was the most unusual I helped him search but then I decided that it would be best to not wait at the store for him perhaps if he was lost he could come to the store I knelt down by hanging I felt it felt he was cold so I knew he’d been dead for a while it’s a deep shock in a tragedy to come home and find your own spot because you could never imagine or think how this could happen or the loss of a child until you’ve experienced it on switch Norman Ladner who was just 17 was a single gunshot wound to the head had taken his life just after 10:00 PM the Sheriff’s Department arrived they roped off the area and began their investigation power play is the first thing that I normally address in the course of an investigation I ruled it out in business terms anything there to indicate after they found him identity came to the store and approached the door and he said yes I can tell you it’s the most shattering experience anyone can go through at first I thought it might have been an axe it looked as though he might have been in a tree nearby and so falling out of the trees going to discharge etc. we felt that it was fun accident and even when the car came back to store after results of his examination it came up with two demolition he said he felt it was 90% sure that it was an accidental shooting however Norman’s family was in for a terrible shock when the official ruling came down the coroner said that Norman did not die from an accident he committed suicide the corners decision was based on the fact that Norman died from a close contact head field the bullet entered his right tackle and exited his left it was a very difficult suicide I think he went back into an area where he felt comfortable and for reasons we don’t know that he decided to take his life it was impossible for it to be so sad animas 1/2 will he and Joe and he live life to the fullest he was happy he was out go he was not depressed in any way and he had two things going for him they made no attempt to locate the village they cannot say his gun was the weapon it was used to kill there were other problems Norman’s wallet with $140 was missing he had a one and 1/4 inch long cut on the top of his head if Norman had committed suicide how did that come get there authorities said the head wound was caused by this bloody tribute that was found at the scene it could