God Bless America

after a third trial  finally acquitted macho’s against stunning   as  siting here and talk they would take that long for somebody within this system imagine if you weren’t in the system you may never have gotten third trial so how does it feel when you heard the words not guilty well I think going back to when I heard guilty you know during the first trial it’s very describe those feelings and emotions because it’s just so overwhelming and it’s just hard for the mind to grasp what’s going on and interpret it in those moments word I would just tell that would be extraordinarily emotional lots of cheers it was a sensor but it took a while for that to really set in so to just this very overwhelming then just feel so blessed and I’m so thankful for those twelve years in that third trial actually paying attention and evaluating the way that proper decision spoken about misleading expert testimonies on the show before the author and activist in this case there’s an expert testimony that is  speak it was a big problem in the real world it’s a tremendous problem we don’t know how many thousands of innocent people are locked away today because of junk science it’s a huge problem we’re trying to slowly unravel now with DNA is exposed a lot of huge problem in American justice we bring back in how often it was hard to quantify but there is a great need for national oversight and a great view too my question was saying you know I’m around all of this because it’s not just blood spatter it’s also bite mark it’s also reference a study in the show about they took a bunch of arson experts and they tested them to try and figure out the pointed origin of a fire and 25% of them got it wrong 45% so that fix this issue well one idea we have been floating and discussing with others experts or other interviewees on the show is this idea that perhaps court appointed experts who answer questions for both the defense and the prosecution could be a way to solve this problem because of course the great motivating factor here in this faulty expert testimony is monetary so understanding how much these experts are being paid for their testimony is a huge way of really understanding not only the bias of their testimony but what is motivating them and think that if eliminate that variable and we just have the court appoint to know an expert who has been vetted their credentials are clean then they give unbiased testimony to each side and it eliminates that problem but also let’s remember the fact that running or the expert in that case made $250,000 are  no kidding a quarter $1,000,000 hello taking out the profit motive for people to live is it good first step thank you so much and I’m glad you’re out I wish you had a speed as you try to push pieces tell me more this story in the epidemic of bogus expert testimony plus series unraveled expert experts on trial all new models and I was so I could learn more woman that